Criterion For Appointment

Problems are part of life, but there are plenty of solutions that you can opt for. Once you can win a chance to meet the legendary predictor Rajaguru Dr Swami Bhadraanand your path of bliss and fortune shall be laid clear before you. One can approach Dr Swami Bhadraanand not only for personal and spiritual queries but also anything related to societal issues. Also, you can consult Swami Bhadraanand to knowing more regarding Aura Programming, Future Analyzing and Super Intelligence Service.

Talk and share all your woes with him and wait for an answer with an open mind. Be honest when you approach him because he can read your intentions. Suspicious minds can only get disappointed and his services will not available for selfish and egoistic personalities. The incredible services of Swami are only for deserving pious and wise souls. For getting his services you need to get blessings from your Kuladevata first, then walk on to him with a pure heart and good belief. The seeker must be rich in character.


Due to security reasons prior appointment is needed to meet Swami Bhadraanand in person.


    (+91) 8547574757



    Aarya Orchid Apartments, Reliable Residency Layout Phase 3, Somasundarapalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068, India.